Christmas Card Candy Swaps

Last month I joined with 7 other demonstrators to take part in a card candy swap.

In Stampin' Up! land, card candy is what is commonly known as 'toppers'. That is, small, ready made pieces of art to go onto the front of a card. As demo's we don't really 'do' ready made, we create our own. 

We each created a set of these toppers, using a stamp set from the mini catalogue, then packaged them just you would see them in a store. We swapped so that we each had 8 different packs.

Today I'd love to share these miniature masterpieces with you.

Above is a photo of them grouped together but you need to look more closely to see the work in each piece.

Jan chose a stamp set with a pre-winter theme - Beautiful Autumn. A lovely time of year perfectly illustrated here...

Rio's set (made using Christmas Gleaming) is clean,crisp and traditional, ready to adorn both male and female gifts or cards.

Christine's used Merry Moose to create her candy which has a North American feel to it. Each of the moose images is slightly different...

Kati's choice of stamp set was Menagerie Mix Up. This stamp set has an innocent, childlike feel with it's line drawings. Although they can be used for adults, I think many a child would love these little images.

Caroline made her smart candy with the Snowflake Wishes stamps and dies. Seasonally recognisable images even if you live in warmer climes!

Maria used the Right Triangle stamps and dies (teaming it with inspiration on a couple of the toppers from a renowned quilting crafter, Linda Causee) to achieve a wide variety of creative seasonal images. 

Cary's candy packs a punch with it's vibrant colours and 'driving home for Christmas' vibe using the Coming Home stamps. There's a lot going on in this town....

Finally, my candy. I chose a set with mostly sentiments (and just a few small images) - Warm Hugs, so I tried to 'think outside the box'. This may not be the best set of candy but I was happy with my finished creations.

As this last set was my own, I can share the individual pieces with you.... 

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? It's okay to to be drawn to one particular set, image or design. Sometimes one particular item or set of items draaws our attention more than another. Which would you choose? You can see all the sets we used at the foot of this post, click on any to view more clearly or to order.

I love that they are all SO different. I was honoured to have taken part with such talented people. Which stamp set would you choose if you were creating card candy? Perhaps this has sown a seed in your mind to go and create a set for yourself - I hope so!

Have a good week,


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