My Shooting Stars

Or, I should say, 'shots of my stars' because today I've finally got a few photo's of the ornaments and stars that I made for my catalogue launch last Sunday. It's taken a while to get them photographed and on here because I felt so poorly. Seems it all boils down to laryngitis - a simple word for feeling sooo ill!
The first picture is of all of them together.

Here is my version of the ornament that appears on the front cover of the Autumn/Winter catalogue,not in traditional red and green but lovely Midnight Muse and Crumb Cake. Both these colours are more suited to my decor.

View from the front
...and from the back

This is my take of the ornament shown just inside the same seasonal catalogue:

The final 3 stars were a 5 point star, a 6 point star (accidentally created by folding the 6 point one too many times! happy accident!) and a folded star similar to a star book.

Thank you to my lovely ladies, for helping out and learning to lip read so quickly!


  1. Lesley, These are cool, Love your choice of colours, I bought the stuff to make these but haven't had the time to do anything with them.

    1. Thank you Laura. The one from the catalogue cover took ages. Thank you for your kind words.