Impromptu Display

Occasionally I want to display something but don't have a spare frame or want to buy one for a short lived exhibit. This leads me to my latest project.

As soon as I spotted the new Inspiring Canopy dies in the upcoming catalogue (launching this week!) I wanted to create something other than a card. The branches of those trees spoke to me as being something other than branches. 

And so, I give you my impromptu display 'frame'!

I started by die cutting the trees in basic white card. The size of your display and how close you place them will dictate how many trees you need to cut. I arranged them to imitate a rectangle then glued the criss-crossing trunks together to give stability although these would be removed later. I needed two rectangles of white card, one for the front the other for the back. After measuring the space I needed to cover, I partially die cut a rectangle using the second largest Stitched Rectangle die, removed the card and die from the Stampin' Cut and Emboss Machine, slid the die along the card and then partially cut again from the opposite end. This gave me the required length of rectangle which is longer than the actual die. This card was for the front. I cut a second piece of card to the same size on my trimmer. This was to go on the reverse.

I put glue around the edge on the back of the die cut rectangle and attached it to the front of my tree layout. Because I wanted the the rectangles and trees to lay evenly without bumps, I snipped off the tree trunks which are behind the die cut rectangle. By doing this now rather than earlier my branches were held in place where I wanted them, without movement. I attached the second rectangle over this space so that the whole piece was neatly finished on the front and back.

Although pretty, it is not sturdy enough to stand. I measured the outside edges and cut two pieces of window sheet, attaching with strong double sided tape, one at a time, ensuring that when I attached the second piece the new tape hid the first tape. This meant that I only had a maximum of two pieces of tape to been seen on the reverse of the 'frame'. The window sheet gave strength to allow the frame to stand and protect the die cut branches whilst still leaving them free at the front as if they float.

Next I cut a triangular shape and snipped off the top point. I made a horizontal score line below this edge, added tape and attached to the reverse of the frame. This gave me a strut or leg to make the frame stand.

Below you can see the frame laying flat with the reverse on show.

Here you can see a side view of the display in a standing position....

Here is the front view ....

I was now ready to add my chosen photo.
A close up below of the display shows the almost invisible window sheet....

So, there you have it..... from this -

... to this -

I'm really quite pleased with my impromptu display and I can't wait to use these dies again!
Of course, without the window sheet and strut this could be used for the front of a card.
I hope this encourages you to think outside the box. Do leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
After the catalogue goes live on Tuesday, I'll amend this post to add a list of products used below.

Don't forget, if you don't have a demonstrator and would like a catalogue then contact me for your paper copy.

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  1. WOW this is a brilliant project 😍 thank you for sharing it with us x oh and that photo is so pretty 😍

    1. Awm thank you so much for your kind comment xx

    2. P.S. the photo is a flower from The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden in Mauritius thinks its a venezuelan rose, they're huge!

  2. WOW this is a brilliant project 😍 thank you for sharing it with us x oh and that photo is so pretty 😍

  3. I love when people like you can see beyond the obvious! Thank you for sharing, this is exquisite!

    1. Ann,
      You’re welcome!
      Thank you so much for your kind words.