Waterfront - Not Just For Cards!

I fell in love with the Waterfront stamp set the moment I spotted it and knew it would be a 'MUST HAVE'.
Why, oh why, did it take me so long to use the set and then, when I opened it, why did I just look and not know where to start?
I don't have the answer. I just knew that my ladies would love it if I only I could show them. With that in mind, it became the focus for our Just For Fun classes during June.
We made two projects - a framed picture and a pizza box with note cards.
My first picture was an evening scene. All went well until I spilt a small splash of water onto it. Add to that the fact that I cut the card too small...
However, I like to show my work, warts and all, to encourage the ladies to turn their happy accidents into something usable.
I then followed up with a day scene.
Both pictures can be seen below.

Some of the Ladies are allowing me to share their pictures too.
This one is Kati's, a sunset not yet in it's frame

Dee's daytime scene

Maria's sunset 

Liz's day scene

Sue's day scene

Wanda's day scene

Deb's sunset

Marian's day scene

Teresa's day scene

Tara's sunset

Lynn's day scene

Here is our little pizza box, ready to give

The box contains these 3 little 3" note cards and envelopes.  They can be used for a quick greeting or as tags on gifts.

The ladies seemed to enjoy the change in class this month. Some weren't quite as happy with their pictures as others but I thought they all did brilliantly!
Happy crafting!