Appreciate Amazing Alaska!

Tomorrow my upline Natalie and 3 other team members will be travelling off to enjoy the Stampin' Up! Incentive trip to Alaska.
Below I'm sharing the card I made to send to Natalie.

We were fortunate to visit last year to celebrate my BIG birthday and had a wonderful time. Flying to Vancouver then on a cruise up to Anchorage.
The trip was amazing, certainly a time to make memories. We didn't manage to see bears as we went earlier in the season but we saw so many other creatures including whales who put on 'shows' for us at various places. The eagles fighting over a salmon. The sight of the Hubbard Glacier and hearing the deep low 'boom' as it carved. The seaplane flight  and heli-moshing,. We took a helicopter and landed on a glacier followed by riding then driving a team of huskies on a sled. Quite a few of the dogs ran in the annual Iditerod race.
I'll also remember the excursion we booked prior to travelling out, to view the whales which was on a small boat. The engine decided to die for a while during the trip... a little unnerving! 
A treasure box of memories.
I hope Natalie likes the card and that the team have an amazing trip. Above all, I hope they make treasured memories to bring home!