The Stampin’ Trimmer has Arrived!

Recently I posted all about our new Stampin' Trimmer, well, it's arrived. I've already got my hands on one, yippee!

Stampin' Trimmer
item 129722 £25.95

Here is a recap of the features of this fab new tool:
  • Full 30.5 cm cutting and scoring track (You don't have to remove the blades to get a full 30.5 cm cut!)
  • Extended 15.9 cm wide cutting base and 36.5 cm extender ruler
  • Storage compartment under base to hold additional cutting/scoring blades
  • Cutting track that locks into place
  • Specially designed cutting track and handles for stable and straight cuts
  • Full ruler, with additional printed grid lines under a plastic cover so measurements won't wear off
  • And so much more 
Want another chance to see the video? Well here it is. This was made for the US market and talks just about inches but we're getting inches and cm's on ours, how great is that! See what all the fuss is about, take another look:

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these then contact me:
email or phone 07725 217695.