Team Training Swaps - December 2012

Well, it's that time again. Thanks to help from Lesley I was just about able to get my swaps made in time for training, having been on holiday until last Thursday. At our last training session I won 2 packs from our new Flawless Fabric range. I loved the colours but, not being much of a seamstress, couldn't think what I could use it for. A quick look on the internet and I came up with these: Microwave Heat Pads.
So easy to make, but then came problem number 2 - I don't have a sewing machine. This is where Lesley comes in. She bravely offered to sew all the pouches, leaving me to mix the rice, fill the pouches and hand stitch to finish them. After that, they were bagged and labelled. You can see the results below.

21 microwave Heat Pads, ready to go

The fabric is cut  to 45.7cm  x 68.6cm , each piece a very generous 'fat quarter'. Three different designs to each pack, all colour and design co-ordinated to the rest of our range. The pack shown below is Floral District (item 126893 £8.95).

Floral District Flawless Fabric

Here are the designs in the second pack I used - Summer Smooches (item 125411 £8.95).

Summer Smooches Flawless Fabric
These are just 2 packs from a choice of 8 for you to choose from. Prefer something bolder? Then our Essential Designer Fabric could be for you, a mixture of spots, trellis, chevron and stipes in strong colours.
My little heatpads seemed to go down very well. What a great stocking filler!


  1. WOW! These are gorgeous Lesley! I will have to put one on my xmas list! I'm sure the recipients must have been absolutely delighted with these. How lovely that Lesley helped you 'Lesley's are such a fab bunch aren't we ?!!! lots of love from yet another Lesley xxxxx (

  2. Thank you Lesley, I've saved one or you!xxx

  3. I love that you shared these with us. I want to make one now.
    These turned out so well. Glad you have a talented friend with a machine as well. Good job!
    I bet everyone loved them!!!
    Thanks again for visiting me here in Las Vegas. I really enjoyed lunch and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mugs you brought me.
    you are a great friend! hugs, sherrill graff

  4. Thank you for your kind comment Sherrill. I loved meeting up with you - lunch was fun!

  5. Oh wow - these are fantastic - what a fabby idea !

    1. Thank you Carole, very kind of you. They went down well at training.x

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  7. Wow, thank you very much Amelia! How kind of you!