Steampunk Thanks

I seem to have missed so many blog posts lately that you'll not have noticed that I was away for just under a fortnight. We went to Alaska, a complete getaway and, as wifi is intermittent, it felt quite offgrid. Total peace and quiet. Well, almost. I did something to my knee on the way out - don't ask, I've no idea what - by midweek I was resting with ice and walking with a stick, having been taken to my room by wheelchair, despite insisting that I could walk.

We rounded off our trip by returning home via Toronto and staying with our dear friends, a lovely visit. I still had my stick, hubby tested positive for covid and I followed suit! All well now but playing catch up as I wanted to make a card to say 'Thank you for having us'.

Whilst in Toronto we managed to catch another Cirque du Soleil show - 'Kurios'. So I tried to make my thank you card in the same theme (Kurios has a steampunk theme), pulling out some old, pre-SU stamps from my stash. 

It's not a great card but I'm sharing it with you below ...

Kurios is one of the best Cirque shows we've seen in some time. If you get the chance to see it - DO!

Here is one of Cirque's promotional videos -

For those of you who aren't just here for the crafting, I'll share a few photos with you.                                                                                                           

We stopped at Icy Strait Point, a beautiful, peaceful place which has an almost spiritual air about it. However, the zipline isn't so peaceful! See the top of Hoonah Mountain in the photo below? Yep, that's where the zipline starts - The top is 1,550 feet up and you come down the ziplines at 60mph.

There was still much ice and snow at the top.

The view is amazing and the air is so clean!

Though I'm not so keen on this view as this was taken just before the metal gates slid open and I felt as if I'd been jet propelled from my safe view point!

Below is a photo taken at the Mendehall Glacier with the Mendenhall Lake just in front.

It's not as cold as it appears from the photos, we didn't have to wear jackets all the time. The weather is warming, the bears are coming out of hibernation and will soon be catching the salmon.

Sadly, our trip was over too soon. Apart from photos, I still have my walking stick to remind me!

I hope you've enjoyed stopping by today, I look forward to your company again soon!

Happy crafting,