Seasonal Happy Mail 1

Hello and Happy New Year!

Before we roll properly into 2021 I’ve a couple of posts to share. In this one you’ll see the beautiful handmade cards I received. There are quite a few so let’s get straight into it! Enjoy!

As this post will be picture heavy, I won't leave any comments apart from the first one which was sent by my daughter in law, Laura. She's been learning and practising calligraphy and this is the first handmade card we've received. Love it! Well done Laura. Beautiful card.

Laura Lendon


Linda Kasparian

Yvonne Bevan

Kati Reeves

Teresa Brooks

Karen Hewitt

Pat Stubbs

Sue Marney

Theresa O'Connell

Lesley Boyle

Janice Brackpool

Kati Reeves

Thanks for joining me today as I recall the fabulous handmade cards and gift packaging I received. I have one more batch to share with you and will be back with those soon!

Happy Crafting!