Onstage Local Las Vegas Nov 2019

Yes, I'm back though have been mostly quiet as I came home from my trip with a viral infection which had left me rather poorly. Thank you to the delightful lady sitting near me who was so poorly on the way out that she really shouldn't have been travelling!
I'm slowly getting back on my feet, really shouldn't have pushed myself to hold a coffee and card session last week! Thankfully, I'd scheduled 29 facebook posts and a raft of blog posts before I left but now a post is due and I'm playing catch up again!

Why the Meerkats? Wait and see!

I met with a couple of my US friends in Vegas - Sherrill and Anastasia. Such a joy to see them again. They kept tabs on me at the event, both Friday evening at Centrestage and during Onstage which was Saturday. I also managed to meet with 3 demonstrators that I've had contact with online. Of course I am going to bore you with photos! This could be a long post!
These photos show me with Sherril and Ana.

I took gifts including chocolate and sweets, which had been requested.

On Friday evening we had the Centrestage event for demonstrators of Silver Elite level and above. We had a rather lovely dinner and received gifts including a really useful backpack. Inside was a stamp set from the new upcoming catalogue and a smart box to hold our business cards.

We're also ther first to get our hands on the catalogue!
I think you could say that I was excited to get mine!

On Saturday I met with around 1000 other demonstrators for the main Onstage event. The opening sequence was a rousing band, the stage was darkened but elements of the guys clothing such as their ties were lit up.


I also met up with some other US demos that I've had contact with - Bea and Andrea. Also Lyssa, but I don't have a photo of us together.

Two other demonstrators also attended the Las Vegas event and it was my pleasure to meet with one of them, Becca, for the first time.

We proceeded to have a whole day of fun with more gifts,swapping cards, stamping, on stage and video presentations, lunch, and (of course!) prize patrol where we win products from the catalogue.
I took lots of photos of the display boards. Sadly, my photos are not that great but I'll share a few with you.

If all this has whet your appetite for joining in our colourful world then let me tell you (shhh!) we have a super offer coming your way. Our joining offer is always fantastic value but ... I have to keep quiet for now but I really think you might like what's coming!
Don't forget to join me again in future posts to find out just what the offer is!
Have a good weekend