Double Slider Birthday

Over a year ago I prepped some celebratory cards for my friends. We'd first met as schoolfriends and were celebrating 50 years. These cards ended up unfinished as, at the 'eleventh hour' the sliding mechanism on the the first one failed and, after several attempts to repair it I simply ran out of time. This was a shame as I'd spent a lot of time stamping out soooo many candles!
I rarely use cards from my stash when sending out birthday cards to family and friends, preferring to make them specially for each individual. However, this week I found out that it was a special lady's big birthday the following day and that I didn't have a card for her. It was around midnight so I needed to try to gather something together quickly but wanted more than a flat card.
I pulled out my prepped pieces from my stash, figuring that this would make a more special card in a reasonable amount of time. The plus was that I love the decorative paper although it has since retired.
Well, quick it wasn't! Over 3 hours later I'd got a new mechanism working, all parts together and had cropped some original pieces and stamped/die cut more.
Here is the finished double slider card - 

I cut out 4 of the candles individually, in all there are 50.

On the reverse is a blank panel for me to write a note, I also added a large 'Happy Birthday' die cut.

The front of the card is not how I'd originally intended it.
It will be a little belated by the time she receives this card, but it's sent with love and congratulations.
I hope you like todays fun fold card.