A Flip Flap Birthday

Last month it was my eldest sons birthday. Since he was away over the date I waited for his return before making and sending the card because I needed to use some of his latest photos to complete card.
I made a flip flap card roughly following various online videos and instructions. Because of this I'm unable to give credit for the design to one particular person.
My card is pretty simple and contains a few photos from my sons recent trip.
The first image shows the card laying flat/closed.

This next photo shows it from the left with the tabs pulled, standing 

Finally the same from the right

I pasted a sentiment panel on the reverse which had a city scene on it.
I've been holding off posting this online until his card arrived. However, I put an incomplete address on it so it's unlikely to be delivered and I'm waiting for it's return befre mailing it off again. I can't believe I did that! He's had to be satisfied with just pictures of the completed card!

It's the first time that I've made this design so the finish isn't quite as poslished as I'd like but it was made and sent with love so I suppose that's all that matters.

Will you make someones day today with a handmade card? I hope so!

Hve a good weekend,