Oh To Be 30 Again!

I'm quite happy being the age I am but, having heard about the super 30th birthday my son's girlfriend just celebrated, I think I'd quite like to have been able to celebrate my 30th again too! 
It seems that it's not traditional to send birthday greetings cards in Spain but I wanted to make one for her, so I just broke tradition.
I made a shaker easel card which looked much nicer than the photo I'm sharing. The picture seems to portray the colouring badly but it's the best one I have to show you.

The black may appear to be a bit of a morbid choice of colour, although it does allow me to overload with sparkle and bling. The colour comes from the gift we sent - a Kate Spade leather evening clutch bag with black glitter trim.

Sometimes it's difficult to select the best gift or to make the perfect card. But I think that if it's sent with love it's perfect!
Enjoy creating your perfect card this week!