A Few Onstage Treats!

I recently shared our Onstage event with you. We received so many gifts on the day but what I haven't shared is the personal gifts that I received from friends.
I hadn't taken part in any swaps so hadn't expected to bring items home with me but I was so fortunate to be gifted with some anyway!

This perfectly formed handbag was filled with goodies and was created and gifted to me by Yvonne Bevan.

Prettily decorated, this gable box contained handmade, delicious viennese biscuits from a lady who bakes super yummies! Anne Yates.

What a chic little box from Louise Sims, but check inside...

Not only is it decorated so smartly inside but it also contains chocolate!

This sweet little notebook on a clipboard is from Sue Bridge.

Look at this from Kim Fee! Aha! You might say, a pen. Yes, but take a look...

It's blue, it's sparkly...but can you spot what's on the side of the barrel?
Here's a close up -

Inscribed, just for me!
This then followed -

Full of chocolate (though I'd already tucked in by the time this photo was taken!). How lucky am I!
I think I was well and truly spoilt, don't you!
How lovely to receive gifts and cards which have been hand decorated, don't you think.
Perhaps you could hand decorate some of your Christmas gifts, they don't need to be expensive to be beautifully presented!
Happy crafting!

Lesley x