Fabulous Fairy Swaps!

I was fortunate to travel up to our Onstage event with a wonderful team of ladies - the Fairies, and their team leader Kim who is a lovely friend of mine.
The team always prepare swaps for each other and this talented group included me too!
I received some fabulous swaps and I'd like to share them with you. I am not going to comment on each one because they were all such a delight to receive! Instead, I will just add each persons name next to their creation.
Be warned - this is a picture heavy post!!!


Elaine Higham

Susan Hysslop

Sarah Lower

 Chris Turner

Mandy Sullivan

Elaine Kerr

Linda Kasparian

Lesley Gillett

Bridget Metcalf

Susanna Tolkien

Rebecca Willmore

Jan Twinks

Kim Fee

I think you'll agree that I was definitely spoilt with the amazing swaps I received.
I hope that you've enjoyed me sharing them with you.
Have a good week,
Lesley x


  1. Wow they’re all amazing!!! Lucky you xx

    1. Hello lovely lady! Yes, I was very spoilt, as you can see! Hope you're doing well.xx