Useful Kit - Silicone Craft Sheet

Our silicone craft sheet has numerous uses, but I hadn't intended to write a short post about it.
At 6" x 6" it's small enough to pop into your craft bag. It's non stick and heat resistant too. You can use it for inking, painting, gluing all your papercraft projects. Especially useful as, when the glue is dry, your delicate project simply lifts away.

It has other uses too (more about another one in a future post).
So why am I telling you about it today?
Some of you will have seen our new puppy. She has a good appetite and insist on getting every last scrap from her bowl - that girl is no fool!
However, both she and I spent ages chasing the bowl around the kitchen floor the other evening. I hasten to add that I wasn't eating from it but attempting to keep the bowl near her while she ate! Suddenly I remembered my Silicone Craft Sheet! Tucked under the bowl it helped keep the bowl in situ, thought Lily did eventually manage to nudge it, such is her insistence.

She also discovered another use which wasn't greatly appreciated by me -

The photos are pretty fuzzy, this was due to her continually getting in the frame as you'll see below....

I guess we all love a bit of attention and she is rather photogenic!
If you'd like to but one of these great pieces of kit, click HERE
Happy hump day, have a good week,
Lesley x