Just For Fun - May

We don't often do new techniques at our Just for Fun classes, mainly due to the lack of time and not wanting to rush things.
This month we got time to play around with shaving foam and reinkers. A bit like marbling paper, the ink is suspended in the foam rather than water, this also means that the card stock doesn't get so wet and messy.
I took a shallow plastic tray into which I could fit an A4 piece of card. Spray inside the tray with shaving foam until the base is covered, it doesn't need to be too thick. Now drop ink on top, I used 3 colours, then swirl together. Lay the card on top and gently press down a little so that the card come into contact with both the foam and ink. Remove card from the tray. Scrape the foam/ink off, wipe the card with a piece of kitchen paper. Voila!
I made 4 note cards, I had enough marbled card over to make another card too which was shown on my previous post. Here are the note cards -

The ladies had fun with this simple technique - I did think that we might have a table full of foam at one point but all turned out well. They also got to use some soft new Bermuda Bay mini chevron ribbon and the new 'Just Add Text' stamp set.
Why not try out the shaving foam technique yourself - it's fun!


  1. Beautiful cards and thanks for reminding me re the 'Shaving Foam' Technique.

    1. Thank you Christine! Have fun playing 😀