Catch Up On Christmas 1

We're now getting into January. Most Christmas trees are down but I'd still like to share with you some handmade Christmas cards I received. Many have Stampin' Up! products on them but all are made by hand with love for the recipient, so all are worthy of mention!
I also received some surprise gifts along with the cards, as you'll see below
The first gift and card is from my Liverpudlian pal, Carole Bryson 

Another from Sharon Davidson in Ireland
These, along with a delicious Pandoro cake, are from my team member, Maria.

Next are from Lelly G
Some cards from my Ladies - Kati, Shan, Tara, Dee, Marian, Steph
From my Upline, Natalie
Two more of my Ladies - Ayoti and Lesley
From Karen
That's a fair few on this post so I'll stop for now and share the rest in my next post. Hope you've enjoyed seeing these lovely creations!
Have a good weekend
Lesley x