November's - Just For Fun

I thought it was time to get a little 'Christmassy'. I'm loathe to start too early or we miss enjoying other delights such as the month of thankfulness in November. I managed to sneak that in on one of October's cards so I had 'free reign' to go ahead during last month!
Four very different cards, the photos aren't great but I hope they're clear enough for you to get a good idea.
All four cards are simple enough to reproduce fairly quickly.
The first is using daubers...

This next one has been made using our textured paper which has ink sponged on it, embellished with a star which has been die cut

Now for a cosy card, snuggled up in an aran jumper

Finally a monochromatic 'bauble'with an embossed top layer.

I hope these give you some ideas, should you still be making cards, like me!
I'll replace the photos once I get some clearer ones.