WOW! Swaps pt 2

Today I'll share the rest of the WOW! swaps from Onstage Telford.
I always find it so exciting to see what the ladies have come up with.
The first project, a hanging Christmas plaque, comes beautifully packaged and is from Cary Buckham.

This project is from Rebecca Willmore, not only has she decorated the packaging and coasters inside, but also the reverse of each coaster. A very useful, pretty WOW!

Kim Fee's WOW! is a sliding cracker which makes a great small gift box

A whole new take on a cracker due to it's unusual shape and slider.

Char Wijers WOW! packs a pop with our new copper embossing powder and stitching.

The last WOW! swap to share with you is from Jan Twinks, very seasonal and cosy looking. Also, very thoughtful when you see what's inside... cards and tags.

I was bowled over by the talents of these demos and feel very privileged to have received them. I hope you've enjoyed the projects too.