Another 70th!

I recently posted on here with a 70th birthday card, didn't expect to have to make another do soon! I seem to forget that my friends are ageing at the same rate I am.
This one was for a lady we've know from way back, I  almost forgot to make it!

It's a diagonal fold card using the fab flamingo's again. The only downside with this fold is that it takes a much larger envelope so I had to make my own. Also, there's a high chance of it getting damaged in the mail and the flaps can easily get bent. However, this was hand delivered, so no worries there!

Here it's shown standing and below I've opened it out so that you can see all of the inside.

We received a lovely message from the lady, thanking us and hope to see her soon to take her to afternoon tea.
Another little package to go out in the mail this week, made with the gift bag punch board. Unfortunately, I've mislaid the name of the person who designed the original but I'll update this post when I've searched through all my saved bits and bobs.

The recipient won't be expecting this at all, or the treat inside! Good that she'll be surprised.