Pop Up Panel Birthday!

You know how it is - it's a birthday but that friend is also a cardmaker.  In reality you just want to nip down Clintons and get a perfectly made Hallmark card.......but you know that you can't. Nor can you pretend that you're sick, too sick to craft, or conjure up surprise visitors. Hmm, happens to me a LOT! Then, when you make the card there is always someone who will either act surprised at your creation (not always in a good way) or say something along the lines of "That's not her normal style".
So it was this week.
I recently saw this style of card on a demonstrator social media group. Called a Pop Up Panel card or Inside Fold card, I thought I'd give it a go - and I'm pleased I did! It closes so smoothly that I've decided I'm a kinetic genius of the papercrafting world! Okay, so maybe that is punching a little bit above my weight..
Hmm, yep - I can hear you now. Pretty simple

Here is the inside (above) as it opens
And finally, fully opened.
Below is a little video showing the opening movement of the card.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this card, I think it's a little different and I really enjoyed making it!


  1. I love it - just trying to work put diemnsions etc!!

    1. Thank you! Why not just wait for dimensions,???