Recent Birthdays - #imbringingbirthdaysback

Sometimes I forget that some of my viewers only see my cards on either my blog or facebook. I occasionally post cards to one area such as on facebook and, if I don't post to my blog too then they don't get seen.
So, remedying that by sharing, over 2 or 3 posts, the recent cards that have been on social media which you may have missed! Today I've 3 cards to share.
The first card was made for one of my team, a sweet lady called Maureen.

This card in a box is made for a friend, Bernie, I've know her since I was 11 
years old. We first met at secondary school. Sorry, the photo is a little fuzzy!

A thank you card (CASED from Zoe Tant) for a friend - Fiona - who lives locally. She sent me a super birthday card last month and a great gift, which you can see below the card.

Very apt, eh!
Hope you enjoyed seeing today's cards.
Pop back for the next post to see more!