Centrestage Telford 2016

As you may have gathered from a previous post, Stampin' Up! held their Onstage events across the globe this past weekend.
Our event was in Telford and began on Friday evening for those of us who hold the title Silver Elite, or above. This is called Centrestage.
It began with registration for this group where we received our bag - there's always a bag at our events - a canvas tote which is super useful for lugging catalogues and supplies about. Inside was a free stamp set from the new catalogue, am afraid I can't share that with you yet, also a lanyard and a coloured badge for prize patrol.

Take note of the colours on the front (!)
We then attended Centrestage where we had a fun training session with antipasto. This was the view that greeted us upon arrival at Centrestage.
The lights were dimmed and the backcloth was lit by hundreds of tiny lights. Here you can see the planners we were given too.
After the training we had dinner.
A little close up of the pretty flowers.
And on each chair was the cutest little backpack! I couldn't believe it as I'd been searching for one only 2 weeks prior to the event!
Honestly, I was just soooooo excited to receive it! It's also in my favourite colour which, if you didn't know, is blue. Remember the colours on that tote? A super shade of denim, you could say it's quite dapper!