#imbringingbirthdaysback - have you seen the hashtag recently?
It often seems that social media isn't always, well, social. We see someone's name and get invited to wish them 'Happy Birthday' but then, that's it. 
Shannon West who is part of the Stampin' Up! home office team recently decided that she was, for her part, going to bring birthdays back. She's even been featured on US television talking about it! How neat is that! You can link to the video here by clicking on the picture below:

Well, I agree! There's nothing quite like good old snail mail and getting a card in the post - even better if it's handmade too!
So, I've joined the campaign. I've posted on my Facebook page and have collected a few names, along with their birth dates and addresses.
People seem delighted to look forward to receiving a card! 
If you'd like to join my Facebook campaign then please do visit this post and add your birthday, follow up and send me your address by private message. I will add you to the list!
Join the campaign on my Facebook page by clicking on the picture at the start of this post or the one below.

I'm off to continue my campaign on Instagram.
I'd love for you to join me!