What a Mess!..But Fab Pacakaging!

Last week I was preparing some bits and bobs for today's Stampin' Stars Christmas party. I posted a photo on my facebook page showing the state of my desk and received one or two comment from crafters who couldn't possibly have worked under those conditions! This made me laugh as I was using everything that was on the table so nothing could be put away.

As you can see, it was just a tad messy! However, there was an empty square foot, so still PLENTY of room to craft in!!!
Is your desk as messy as mine? I say desk - it's actually a 6ft table!
I'll show you just what I was doing. I was packaging small gifts.
Here are the mugs which had a sachet of Lindt hot chocolate and a chocolate spoon in them.
Some more packages...

Little close up's -

Inside the package above is handmade Christmas soap.
Below, LOVE these little bags (sketched dots tag a bag gift bags), all dressed up with vellum and ribbon.   

 Each contained a lovely silver star box with ribbon to hang it from the tree.The contents of the star box is a mini pot of Steam Cream.
Well, I have some more to share, so do pop back for the next post!
Lesley x