Catching up on Christmas!

Hi everyone! I was sorting out my recent facebook post when I realised that I hadn't shared with you all the lovely handmade Christmas cards I received, how did that happen?
In an effort to resolve that I'm sharing some today and some at the weekend. A sort of 'quick catch up'.
So, here we go - most , but not all are SU.
Made by Lynn Noldart

Sent by Jane Ditchburn

Crafted by Dee Mead

Made by Tara Palmer

Crafted by Gill Moore - laid flat

.......and standing

Sent by Diane Marlowe

Made by Wanda Binyon
Well, that's a little bundle of crafty goodness for today. Even though these are Christmas cards, many of these designs could be adapted for other occasions.
Pop back on Sunday for some more inspiration from the lovely ladies!"