Team Traaining Swaps

Today was our Team Training day. We always make a 'swap' for each team member attending, it's a lovely way to gather different samples which showcase our personal style. Having said that, mine doesn't resemble my personal style at all other than the 'loud' colours. Here they are ready to pack...
I wanted to use the stamps 'Happy Hour' but wasn't quite sure what I wanted to make. I had a little browse on the internet and saw a few things I liked - in particular those made by Dawn Olchefske and Erica Cerwin - but didn't want to CASE (copy and share everything) them totally. 

I used a few ideas but put my own 'spin' on them. They're a little more 'frilly' looking than I'd like but were received well. I do like using the crystal effects on the glasses and all those umbrellas and pieces of fruit were cut by hand around midnight last night, so don't look too closely!
Let me know what you think...too frilly, okay, your taste???
I'll be back soon to show you the swaps I received.