The Wanderer Returns!

As you can see - I'm back from my holiday in Las Vegas. I had a great time, but there seemed to be tons of stuff to catch up on as soon as I got home.
I have 2 brand new Jelly Stampers members - Jan Brackpool and Josphine Larcher. Welcome to Team Jelly, Jan and Jo!  Also, Cathryn has a new recruit so another welcome, this time to Nikki!
Whilst away I was so fortunate to meet up with my friend and US demo - Sherrill Graff. Sadly, we were so busy catching up that we forgot to take a photo, doh! (Sherrill did take a photo of her lunch but I don't think you'll want to see that!) However, we had a nice lunch together at the Cheesecake Factory. This place comes highly recommended by me - I love to visit, but not as much as I love to visit with Sherrill.
Take a look at one of the super gifts I received from her:

Finally, somewhere specially made to keep my messy daubers! Space for one of every colour in our colour families. Do you think that there's a chance that not only will I be able to find them now, but that the place will stay tidier???

Now I want to show you something else. This was another gift, rather special.
Perhaps I'll just leave you with a photo of the box and see if anyone can guess correctly what's inside. What do you think???

Okay, I know it says the words 'pearl' and 'jewellery' on the box, so that gives it away a little bit. But I'm interested to hear what you think. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll show you what's inside! Ha,ha!


  1. errr some sort of jewellery with a pearl .....that is hand stamped?! ....ok I give me!!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Oooeeer - have you been peeking Lelly G??? I want to know what was special about this last couple of days before I let you peek!

  3. love the dauber organizer Lesley.

  4. Fun, Laura, isn't it! I might actually tidy up now.x