The Excitement Is Over

Hello everyone! I'd been waiting for so long to go to my very first Stampin' Up! convention and it seems as if it is over in a flash. Last Thursday I travelled to Manchester with two friends, both demos. I was so excited although, having got lost on the way to pick them and driving around Basingstoke for an hour before setting out on the main drive, I did have the wind taken out of my sails a little. Thankfully, we still arrived in time.

The whole event seems like a whirlwind now. After checking in at the hotel, we registered in the evening, collecting our super new backpack (there's always a bag for each attendee) which contained our lanyards, catalogues, pen and 3 stamp sets. Demos who have reached the status of Silver2 or above went to a special reception - not me, I went along with loads of other demos to the Mix & Mingle session and did the bulk of my swapping then, thus leaving me to concentrate on the main events Friday and Saturday.
There was a real buzz in the atmosphere, we also managed, finally, put faces to the names we hear and people we speak so often from our demo support team. There was so much to see but we saved it for the following day, just using the time to catch up with friends, old and new. 
I have so many photos to share with you but will post some over the next few days.