Digital Scrapbooking Day

       Saturday, November 2nd is the official 
               Digital Scrapbooking Day.
But one day just isn't enough, so we're celebrating for eight!
Here's the list of daily deal downloads: 
  • 11/1 Amped Up Ampersands Kit
Nov 1–Amped Up Ampersands Kit–See it now

  • 11/2 Hello There Kit + FREE Moments Ago Stamp Brush Set
Nov 2–Hello There Kit plus Free Moments Ago Stamp Brush Set–See it now
  • 11/3 All Time Fave Photobook Template
Nov 3–All Time Fave Photobook Template–See it now
  • 11/4 Modern Medley Overlays Kit
Nov 4–Modern Medley Overlays Kit–See it now
  • 11/5 Be Brave Pocket Cards
Nov 5–Be Brave Pocket Cards–See it now
  • 11/6 Nobody’s Business Photobook Template
Nov 6–Nobody's Business Photobook Template–See it now
  • 11/7 Autumn Traditions Kit
Nov 7–Autumn Traditions Kit–See it now
  • 11/8 Afternoon Daydream Kit
Nov 8–Afternoon Daydream Kit–See it now