Only 5 Days Left!

Reminding you that there are just 5 days left to place an order from the Summer Mini Catalogue which finishes 31st August 2012.
Soon we'll say goodbye to the goodies in this catalogue and, if they don't carry forward into the main catalogue in October, you'll have lost the chance to get some of the items on you may have on your wish list.
Take another look, see if you'd like any of the stamps or other products in the mini and get back to me quickly if you do. If you haven't got a copy then click the link to the left of this post and all will be revealed!
Summer Mini Catalogue
Summer Mini Catalogue
I'll be sad to see these lovely things go but, the good news is - the Autumn/ Winter Catalogue - our new holiday mini, is almost here! Yes, for the first time we'll get a holiday themed mini catalogue in the UK - whoopee!!!!
Don't forget to get back to me if you'd like to order any item from the current Summer Mini, I look forward to hearing from you.