New Beginnings

I've been stamping and card making for around 15 years now and first got interested in scrapbooking 10 years ago. At that time there were only a few drab looking papers and stickers around for scrapping, even the stamps weren't always brilliant and were ALWAYS wood mounted. Storage soon became a problem as my interest increased.I first saw Stampin' Up in the States but could never get hold of the products as I didn't know any demonstrators. Finally, they arrived on our shores. Demonstrators were still thin on the ground. My other stash was still increasing at, according to my OH, an alarming rate and I kept meeting other paper, rubber and ink junkies.... you know who you are! In October I finally signed up with Stampin' Up as a hobby demonstrator.Now, well, it seems that I should have a blog. That explains why I'm sitting here pretending that I'm talking to people - no change there, then! Where to start? I haven't got a clue but with the help of my son this blog has been set up. I started a Stampers 10 in January as, having given up my job, I needed to fund my obsession. This merry band help keep me happy. I'll get palpitations without beautiful paper to stroke (eccentricity is another of my traits) and ink to stain my hands. So, I suppose, this first post should show my first SU samples.....

Post-It Note Holder in every colour!
Post-It Note Holders (close-up)

These were my first swaps at our Team Training meeting - Post-it note holders.